Sep 22, 2008

True Freedom

True freedom is freedom to be one’s true self, as God made us and meant us to be. The freedom of every creature is limited by its own created nature. Take as an obvious example a fish. God created fish to live and thrive in water. Their gills are adapted to absorb oxygen from water. They find their freedom to be themselves within the element in which a fish finds its fishiness, its identity, its freedom. Mind you, water imposes a limitation upon fish, but in that limitation is liberty. Its freedom is to be itself within the limits which the Creator has imposed upon it.

Supposing you have at home one of those old-fashioned, probably Victorian, spherical goldfish bowls. And supposing your little goldfish swims round and round its blessed bowl until it finds its frustration unbearable, and it determines to make a bid for freedom by leaping out of its bowl. If it should somehow manage to land in a pond in your garden, it would increase its freedom. It is still in water, but there is more water to swim in. but if instead it were to land on concrete or carpet, its bid for freedom would spell death. Fish can find their freedom only within the element for which they have been created.

We come now to human beings. If fish were made for water, what were human beings made for? The biblical answer surely is that if fish were made for water, human beings were made for love, for loving God and loving our neighbour. Love is the element in which humans find their distinctive humanness. A soul lives when it loves, not when it exists. An authentically human existence is impossible without love.

This brings us to a startling human paradox. Let me state it simply like this: true freedom is freedom to be my true self, as God made me and meant me to be. But God made me for loving, and loving is giving, self-giving. Therefore to be myself, I have to deny myself, and give myself in love for God and others. In order to be free, I have to serve. In order to live, I have to die to my own self-centeredness. In order to find myself, I have to lose myself in loving. I have read somewhere that Michelangelo put it beautifully in these words: “When I am yours, then at last I am completely myself.” For I am not myself until I am yours.

So freedom is the exact opposite of what most people think it is.

I wanna share this with you all, often times we find ourselves in a quest for OUR freedom, but in doing so, we miss out on our TRUE freedom.

This was taken from John Stott’s book, “Why I am a Christian”.

God bless =)

Sep 12, 2008


Friend - Sharing by Rose Cheng (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

My Friend, I stand in judgment now
And I feel that you’re to blame somehow
On earth I walk with you day by day
And never did you point the way
You knew the Lord in truth and glory
But never did you tell the story
My knowledge then was very dim
You could have led me safe to Him
Though we lived together on earth
You never told me of the 2nd birth
And now I stand this day condemned
Because you failed to mention Him
You taught me many things that’s true,
I called you friend and trusted you
But I learn now that it’s too late
You could have saved me from this fate
We walked by day and talked by night
And yet you showed me not the light
You let me live and love and die
You knew that I’d never live on high
Yet I call you friend in life
And trusted you thru joy and strife
And yet on coming to this end
I cannot now call you ‘my friend’

[Author Unknown At Present]

-Greg- Credits given to Samuel Goh

Sep 5, 2008


I was actually looking up the meaning of the word 'unplugged' on the dictionary, and this is what was written,

unplugged - if a pop or musician performs unplugged, they perform without any electric

Hahaha, I guess then probably this word was used loosely then, because IBA UNPLUGGED IS ALL ABOUT MAKING MUSIC FOR GOD!

I was reading the book 'Purpose Driven Life' by Rick Warren and one of the lesson I learned that I would like to share is that, there is no such thing as Christian music, but there is only Christian lyrics. It is the lyrics of the song that would make the song sacred. Would we know if it is a Christian song if we were to take the lyrics out? so, just bear in mind that, God has no preference in the style of music that should be used to worship Him, but its how we set our hearts to worship Him.

Whoops, lil sidetracked.

Anyway, IBA Unplugged is basically a competition of bands among the Inter Brethren Churches. The concept is the same as how it applies to 'Battle of The Bands', a name more commonly known among us.

Yups, so this year is the first time TTDI GC has participated in this event, organized by SAGC (Shah Alam Gospel Centre). *wwoooohhhooo* The main judges were Colin Kirton and Liang (local rap artist from, Glad Tidings-if I'm not mistaken).

TTDIGC 8 piece band were represented by:
1. Johnson
2. Niki
3. Evelyn
4. Ian
5. Alex
6. Kuang Ern
7. Wen-Li
8. Xin-Yi
Left - Right: Johnson (right most), Ian, Alex, Xin-Yi, Wern Jun, Niki
No, Wern Jun wasn't in the band. :P Then why only 5 members?

There you go, our additional 3 members
From Left -Right: Wen-Li (in Green), Evelyn, Kuang Ern
Kuang Ern..."Why so serious -la"

Here's the view from one of our representative (Wen-Li) :)

The day started off pretty good I guess. Most of us were already at church, but SOME people came late. We only took two cars to get there; Xin Yi’s and Uncle Lay Seng’s. We were late! If I’m not mistaken, we were an hour late. This is just so normal for the Youth of TTDIGC. Aren’t we always late? Especially for Copa Iba!

When we reached the place, we saw many people there having the same kind of uniform as us, which was all black. Not surprising. After getting everything ready and stuff, we went into SAGC’s kitchen to practise! Since Nikki is perfect pitch, we didn’t need a guitar or a piano! We practised our humming. Loads of people say it’s pretty weird, but hey! It’s unique.

We got back upstairs. The band had to sit in front. The whole program was pretty delayed. I don’t really have much to say about the beginning part, only the part with all the bands. The order of the presentation was,

  • First band was all the way from Johor – Lost and Found (Daya Gospel Centre).

  • We were the second act!! The Revival! Our first song was Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus and then My Redeemer Lives. Kuang’s solo was really good! Then I heard a bunch of girls screaming. Turned out to be Chermaine and Joy. Haha!

  • Third band was Something Beautiful (Shah Alam). They actually rapped! Pretty cool! Next up was Iris (Port Klang). They had this whole harmonising thing. Sounded pretty good.

  • Then it was YW@P (Bandar Sunway). The guy’s voice was pretty good. He actually reminds me of Tom Fletcher (McFly). But everyone disagreed with me! Hmmph!

  • Then we saw H.I.S (Antioch Chapel). This is honestly my favourite band. They didn’t win, but they totally rocked! I remember the guy’s name was Ming Han I think. When they had technical difficulties, he told a really lame joke.

Here it goes.. The mantou and the cha siu pau watched a sad movie together. The cha siu pau cried a lot, but the mantou didn’t cry at all. Why didn’t the mantou cry? Ready for it? It’s because the mantou has NO FEELING! Haha!

They did a really great medley. Plus the guys voice is seriously good. It actually reminds me of David


  • Just like when people always say, save the best for last. It was the group Undecided (SSGC). They were good. Really good. It sounded like a clear soundtrack. They deserved the win that’s for sure. So congrats to SSGC!

and the songs sung by them were, (1) MY REDEEMER LIVES and (2) TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS

Sorry guys, the video for "My Redeemer Lives" is too big. Should any of you want the video, just request it from me. :)

Song 2: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Check out the humming! AWESOME!~

Jeremy said:
Nevertheless, it was a great experience right, guys!? I think TTDIGC YTM is very proud to have such talented musicians in our midst especially at such young age.


1. Kuang Ern - superb solo-ing man, keep RRROOCKKIN with those tapping!
2. Alex - nice timing!
3. Niki - so you did jazz-ercised the song a lil huh? good job! nice twist to the song.
4. Wen-Li - fast hands Wen Li. Such versatile strummings! :) N-I-C-E! and nice timing.
5. Johnson- as usual, haha, great vocals.
6. Evelyn- nice back-up sounds
7. Xin-Yi - strong vocals!
8. Ian - good solo too! when are you gonna start 'slapping' :) can't wait.

You guys looked so confident up there which is very good. Next year okay guys? We'll win it right?

Oh and of course, not forgetting Unc. Lay Seng and Unc. Chee Kong for organizing the group and the composings.

Unc. Lay Seng, debating with Unc. Dexter that TTDIGC should be champ's! :P
(Neh, just kidding) :)

P.s: Contribution of photos and video was taken by Yit Mun.