Nov 30, 2008

A bit of housekeeping

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Nov 6, 2008


People wanna see miracles. Here is one which happened to my own dad. This is him writing in response to my question about what happened.

Last Saturday (1st Nov), I took a day trip to Kuantan. I parked my Perdana at the carpark behind Menara Maybank at Bukit Nanas. Took a bus back to Kuantan at Puduraya to visit yr grandpa. The carpark jaga said that the carpark will be closed at 9pm. Car owners are advised to take their cars out by 9 pm as there will be nobody to take care of the cars. It will be very dark, there are also drug addicts that break into cars to steal things. They even steal wheels from cars that are left there overnight.

So I took a 6pm bus back from Kuantan and expect to reach Puduraya by 10pm. The bus didn't stop half way at Temerloh but drove straight to KL, reaching Puduraya at 9.45pm. The bus was a very long distance bus, I think it came from Terengganu and now wanted to continue its journey up north to Penang. So it dropped the passengers at Puduraya, near to the entrance for buses that go into basement parking. I alighted the bus and quickly went to collect my car. I reached for my car keys to make sure it was there. At the carpark, the attendant has left. It was quite dark with some street light. Only about 5 cars were still there.

As I reached the traffic lights at the Petronas Station at Kota Dsara, I realised that my wallet was missing. So I drove into Petronas (under very bright lights) to look for my wallet to see whether it has dropped under the seat or in my luggage bag. To my horror, it cannot be found. Since it is very close to home, I drove home to tell Ma and asked her to go with me to Puduraya to look for my wallet. On my way back to Puduraya, I called the card centres to request them to block my credit cards. Meanwhile, we prayed that God will help us to get back my important documents as it will be very troublesome for me. I hv to lodge police report n get replacement for my IC, driving licence etc.

I went straight to the car park to look n see whether the wallet dropped out of my pocket when I pulled out my keys. Looked high n low but could not find. Then we went to Puduraya to look for the bus ticketing office because we wanted the HP no. of the driver. Maybe, my wallet dropped out of my pocket while I slept in the bus. Since it was past 11pm, it was closed. There were some people (runners) still there who said that if the wallet is found, it will be handed to the office located nearby Puduraya complex. It was closed n I hv to come back the next morning to check with them. So no choice but hv to go to the place where I alighted from the bus earlier, outside Puduraya along Jln Pudu.

There were still quite a lot of people waiting outside and walking past the street. As I approached the place, I noticed that a brown patch was lying on top of the drainage iron cover. It was my wallet!! Once it was lost but found now. I just couldn't believe it!! It was already 11.20pm, more than 1 1/2 hrs, it was still there. Nobody noticed it. When I picked it up,the wallet was rolled over by some buses. All the contents was intact, the cards, my IC and cash RM400 was still there!! The leather was torn, some of the cards was bended by the heavy pressure agst the iron drain railing. I believed that God covered the eyes of other people to protect the wallet. It was a sign of God's goodness to me per Psalm 86. Amazing grace!

So I shared God's goodness at the worship meeting on Sunday. I also shared the Cross which is a sign given by God to all believers. To all who put their trust on the Cross will be saved. I chose the Old Rugged Cross. Later, some members said also they couldn't believe that I could still find my lost wallet in Puduraya after 1 1/2 hrs. Somemore, it was found intact with everything. Praise God.

My God is truly great. Even if He withheld His hand, it wouldn't change my mind. He did this to demonstrate/remind us of His unfailing protection, mercy and grace to us daily.

God bless =)