Jun 30, 2008

Of names for name-sake..

Sorry for the late post..

It has been awhile since the last post. I’m having a little writers block here, was trying really hard to come up with a post titled “Random” but nothing came up. When I was bumming around just now, I suddenly thought about “names”.

My name is Ivan. So I was thinking, what does God call me? Ivan or what? Names usually tell loads about the person. I have an unusual knack of getting into trouble, and that’s where God has been gracious to me, (not that God has been ungracious to me in other parts of my life). FYI, Ivan means, God is gracious? I’m sure you know what your name means.

Hey, I’m really curious as to what God calls me. For names are personal. Example, take my mum, she just calls me “Sen”, my aunties do that too and it brings a whole different touch into that dimension. My cousin Thean Loon, has been calling me “Vern” since we were kids, and yea it’s different and nice. I really really wonder what God calls me!! But it’s certainly not “cow” (thanks to you Matthew Chin!!).


I guess we all can bring home a little lesson here on name-callings. Too often than not, we call people ugly names such as stupid, idiot, donkey, monkey and even cow for that matter, LOL! We must realise that each person is unique and loved by the Almighty, who created each of us. He knew us before we were even conceived. Now who am I to call the Almighty’s creation stupid?!? Yes we do get excited sometimes but that’s not an excuse acceptable to Him. Even I am guilty of it.

Personally, I find comfort in the names of God. Names here refer to a person’s character. In times of weakness, El Shaddai shall be my strength. When I have none/nothing, Yahweh Yireh will provide. In times of trouble, Yahweh Shalom shall be my comfort. Yahweh Sabaoth rescued me from Hell. Lastly, Yahweh Shammah will never forsake me.

I seriously still wonder what God calls me??

God bless =)

Jun 26, 2008


Dear everyone,

Thank you for your interest in this blog. As you know, we are members of TTDIGC youth. And by "members", it means that we know each other. Any form of interaction and participation among members is encouraged, and we DO encourage it! It would not be courteous to remain anonymous here.

Therefore, you are prohibited to post anything anonymously. Please take a serious note on this.

Thank you for your adherence. May we continue to fellowship together and in the Lord.


Jun 23, 2008

Blog Layout Competition

Calling all members!!!

1. To those who want to change the blog layout (the way the blog looks/theme), please leave your comments. BUT BUT BUT do not put anonymous (your comments would not be entertained)

2. We also wanna change the 'blog header' (the picture above announcements). To those who are gifted artistically, you're encouraged to submit a photo/art work/photoshop of the blog description (doesn't need to include the wordings) which is at the blog header, to the email address provided at the side bar. The winner will of course have the honour of placing his or her masterpiece up there. LOL

Have Fun!!

Jun 16, 2008

Camp Pictures!

Pictures from the recent church camp at Ilham Resort, PD..

Evelyn (the birthday girl), we had a surprise party for her on the stroke of midnite, 7 June

Baptism candidates (left to right) Kuang Ern, Zhong Wei, Jill, Aunty Lim (Phoebe's grandma), Ashley, Phoebe, Uncle Lim (Phoebe's grandpa), Jo-Yi and Allyna.

Bradda & sista..

Some people caught on candid camera..

Walk (i mean rest) up the lighthouse

Trying to bring the house down =)

A bit crowded on stage... but who cares? LOL

My sisters from apartment #6071.. Pretty aren't they?

Our very own youth band!

Ronnie getting lectured from Uncle Richard? lolx

Keith blocking a shot

Determined Phoebe

Serene Ashley (now)..

Laughing Ashley.. lolx

Allyna (shocked?)

Relieved, ahh..

Another birthday girl, Kathleen!

Little Shanae with her stuffed monkey

The camp group photo

See if you can spot the following: a sleepyhead, a snort, a yawn, a trendy girl =) , & an annoyed young lady

Breaking news, live from CNN, 12 youth at Ilham Resort have reportedly seen Iron Man! (But what could Jill be possibly looking at?)

She surely needs help.. =)

Some sleepyheads..


Our favourite sport, Captain Ball

... and the faces of some people we love

God bless =)

Jun 9, 2008

Joy of the Lord

Honestly, I'm always skeptical about going for camps, be it church camps, youth camps or SUFES camps, because I feel like a total failure to God. I'd make many promises about what I resolve to do including maintaining a daily QT, but I did not manage keep any promises after camp. So therefore, I concluded that camp would merely be a good time, void of promises.

I was pretty busy in the weeks leading up to camp, didn't have much time to prepare myself either. Frankly speaking, I did not have the joy of the Lord for a long time, I did not know how to be happy in God and have lost that love. Incidentally, it WAS 6 years ago at the same place in which my spiritual eyes were opened. The camp speaker then was Daniel Foo, his talks on spirituality opened my eyes to more than just Sunday School answers, it was then that I started a personal relationship with my Lord. As soon as I came back from Ilham Resort 6 years ago, my heart was sorta like on fire for Him for about a few months till it died down to a constant struggle.

Right before camp, I found myself spiritually drained with questions about my future cropping up just before camp and arguments. I even forgot to fast and pray for the camp. Everything laid aside, my mind just wasn't there.

"This camp was gonna be the same like numerous camps I've attended", I said to myself at the start of it, but little did I know that I was so wrong. Relationships within the church had not been smooth and Uncle Christopher was right when he said he felt resentment and anger among the members.

In a discussion, someone said there was no unity in church and how to resolve this. I guess the answer starts with you and I, we must do our part if we want to be united and it must start with me. Sometimes I am too absorbed in my own self that I do things for my own self and not for God. I'm really guilty of that, till a few relationships have gone bad.

Honestly speaking, God really spoke to me on Saturday morning. There was this altar call calling me to respond to God's invitation to release all the bitterness and anger I harboured over time against my fellow brethren. I was really in need of that, cuz I did not realise how much it had affected the horizontal relationship with the people around me and also my relationship with God. After I settled all my differences and learnt to let go, I felt a gush of joy! God works in such wondrous ways.. The Bible says, without confession of sins there won't be renewal (or sth like dat).

Later at night, there was another altar call calling us to respond to an invitation of receiving God's spiritual gifts. Many people responded. I walked to the front when Uncle Christopher asked the church to pray together for the confession of sins. I was kinda scared cuz it was the first time this had been done in the church. Johnson represented the youth in our confession. Let me just add a few more things. Many times we tend to stick to our own clique causing newcomers to be left out. Few of us do not always glorify God when it comes. We tend to have this "semangat asabiah yang terlampau" which when A fights with B, the whole group gets involved. We also do not show ownership and responsibility in church.

"Dear family, this was my last camp and also the BEST one indeed. I've learnt that though we get ticked off easily, it is through those times that we really learn to accept each other for who we really are. It's my sincere desire to see all of you really united as one in God's big family. It's alrite cuz we're merely human.."

Wanna take this opportunity to apologise to everyone for all the wrongs that I've done.. Hope you'll forgive me.

However, our faith is very beautiful. It's likened to Christ chasing after us for as long as we are away from Him for He wants to be found in us. "The hound of Heaven is hunting me"
No matter where I go and how far I run, He will keep hunting me till I finally give up and surrender myself.

I first found my joy 6 years ago, and I found it again at the same place..

God bless..

Church Camp 2008

Camp 2008 had just ended. The past four days will be one episode of our lives that we will never forget. This church camp has marked a new beginning of our church. The "Restart" button has been pushed.

Our camp theme this year was: "O Lord revive us; Restore unto us the joy of the Lord."
Throughout the entire camp, God spoke to our church through Uncle Christopher Leong, our camp speaker.
Here's a short summary on the different sessions that we had during the camp.

Day One
Session 1: The Need of the Hour- Renewal and Restoration
Uncle Chris Leong first spoke about the need of renewal and restoration in our church. Church as in the people of the church not the physical building of the church. He showed us a picture of a church building after the China quake and he challenged us with this question, " The church building cannot stand the shake, but can we as the body of Christ stand the shake?" He also spoke on repentance. What is God asking us to repent from? Are we ready for that revival that God wants to work in us.

Day Two
Session 2: Recovering/Renewing Community( Membership)
He then moved on to talk about the community in our church. There are four different levels of community.
1. Membership
2. Friendship
3. Partnership
4. Kinship

He also quoted from various verses on the call to belong NOT only believe. Our church ministry should be people-oriented and that relationship between members is PARAMOUNT. A church should also be led by the Spirit and not by the elders alone. TTDIGC is not only his church, her church, Elder's church BUT our church.

Session 3: Recovering Community- Community of the King (Restoring the Church as the Community of the King)
We were told that after the Fall, the world belonged to Satan. Man was created with power and authority to rule over the earth but lost his position to Satan when he sinned. Jesus came to earth to inaugurate the Kingdom of God by defeating Satan by His death on the cross and resurrection.

Day Three
Session 4: Renewing the Joy of Growing up- Growing in Maturation in Community
Where are we at in the process and phases of discipleship. Uncle Chris spoke about spiritual warfare in us and what can we do about our weaknesses.

Session 5: Renewing the Joy of Ministry- Serving in the Spirit's Power
He talked about the five fold ministry. We are to serve in a team like Jesus' team: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher.
Each and everyone of us has got various spiritual gifts from God. In 1 Corinthians 14:12, these spiritual gifts are to build up the Body of Christ. Thus, we are to discover our spiritual gift and deploy it to edify the church. We are also to serve the church and not ourselves.

Day Four
Session 6: Renewing the Joy of Multiplication- Reproducing spiritual off springs and leaving a legacy

On another note, this church camp was not any other ordinary church camp others have. I think that the camp theme this year was so relevant and much needed by our church as a family. Many things have been happening in the past in TTDIGC. Good or bad, big or small. Is God really calling out loud to us? Uncle Chris not only felt for the church but he also prayed very very hard for the Spirit to not only touch us but to heal and restore our broken hearts nd souls. Young or old, we all have a responsibility. Like I mentioned above. TTDIGC is our church. Not his church, her church, the elders' church but OUR church. Not only did 7 of our youths get baptized but two senior citizens had made the decision to take this step of obedience. I was very encouraged to see Uncle Lim and Aunty Lim( Phoebe and Aaron's paternal grandparents) getting baptized. God has truly worked silently in their lives after so many years. Now we officially belong to the TTDI family. Yes, family. Quoting Johnson on what a family is, family simply means nobody is ever forgotten or left behind. Young or old. I, myself had various episodes in this church. But after this camp, I realized that I was not placed in TTDI by accident. I was placed here for a reason. As youths of the church, we are not just childhood friends, we are not just here to grow our faith in Christ but also to grow the Body of Christ. Through those altar calls, we as a church found our way out of the pain and agony that we have been suffering through the years. Revival and restoration must begin with forgiveness within a church and confess our sins before God.


Jun 1, 2008

Anna Sui mirror

Yep I took the initiative to google it and ta-da!!

Here's what we will get for Ian, shh!! It's our little secret. Haha

Lubuk Perah 2

Some pictures from the OA trip..

Chicken run..

Hey, look! It's a bird, no it's a plane, no it's ... IronMan!

"Aack, a lizard!!!"

Cute puppies do exist everywhere on Earth

"I've found a new friend"

The kayaking at Tasik Bera..

Father and daughter

Together we ride into the sunset

Bed time

Sunday School kids

Play time!

Hold on tight..

Fun eh? Come join us next time!!