Feb 12, 2013

Culture versus Culture?

This time around, it seems, they're more lenient on allowing little rascals blowing up fireworks at the wee hours of the night. Nope, no police sirens lighting up the dark night, driving through the neighbourhood to give a message of "Quickly run before we confiscate those goodies!".

But allow me to draw your attention to our yearly family gatherings during this festive season. In our little team discussion, consisting of me and Gary, we were wondering how we could plan our approach in further reaching out to our own blood-relatives whom we grew up with all our lives. And there we were, sharing the struggle of facing the culture within our family - that everyone have this thought that you'll always be the same person, like how you were every year other year since we met during this cultural period!

The family has progressed to a phase where our cousins are wedded and having adorable off-springs circling around the house. Having that said, our family welcomes the new members into the family tree of the respective cousin's newly wed partners, and if our mini team decides to let it go on an "auto-pilot" mode, it would soon form this "culture" that during this season, it's just a get together to glance at each other's faces, play some games, have a feast, and head for home.

Hence, being salt and light in this context isn't easy and I believe many could relate to this. To muster up that courage, pray strongly in your heart for that empowerment of Spirit, and settle down next to that family member whom you never spoke to more than 10 words in your all encounters added up with that person. We fear the worldly structures of how we might rejected or put down, or have others raising their eyebrows as they observe you from the corner of their eyes.

Yet, don't interpret the scenario in a perverted point of view! They're nonetheless, the loving cousins that I grew up with and watched us grow over the years. But furthermore in view of that, it's my desire that they would come to personally know our Lord Jesus Christ, in His perfect timing.

And so, if there's anything practical or objective about this gathering (aside from happily collecting red packets), it boils down to a simple approach - "I would like to know you and personally welcome you of being a part of this family tree, stemming from His love."

Have a blessed Chinese New Year!

- daryl 's u n d a e' heng

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