Jun 3, 2010


And great crowds followed him from Galilee and the Decapolis, and from Jerusalem and Judea, and from beyond the Jordan. (Mat 4:25)

It is not impossible to secure a following; if we have good tidings, goodwill and blessing galore to offer. Who would refuse the promise of peace and well-being? So when the Gospel is preached with parried truths, expounding the myriad benefits aside from the obligations, many will consider the outlay of the minimal prerequisites. A Christian tag does secure some temporal privilages.

“Sure, you can have my Sundays; for church, for time set aside for songs and praise and some healthy community service even. But from Mondays through Saturdays, they are all mine.”

“You want some return of monies? Not a problem at all; best decision I made without having to consult any investment banker. I could double or triple your percentage even, payable in cash and on the barrel; payable only on receipt of your promised and delivered provisions!”

“A passport to heaven and a guarantee of prosperity, good health and protection for me and my entire posterity? A done deal, only if you could exclude the things about cross-carrying and having to be crucified, of suffering and persecution, of laying down my own personality to bear the semblance of Another; such pessimistic melodrama, let us have more “High Fives !”

“Eternal life? Well, if it is a good life and not about His Lordship with servant hood requirements starting here and now.”

“ Live a life of obedience? Well You would agree that I will not always be able, so let us agree that it would not be always. I am sure You can understand my petty indiscretions!”

Have we watered down the gospel? Preached a gospel, whilst skimping the obligations, as if as an appendage and then only in fine print? In the name of love and long-suffering, have we relented on the explicit requirements of the Holy writ, by avoiding to herald, the very judgments of the LORD? Have we made the Gospel more people-friendly, sought to be more inclusive and less offensive in the subjects of sin, death, hell and eternal judgment? Do we profess to love mankind above the LORD?

Our commission is to make disciples, not followers per se. Afterall, there were many, and still more, who will turn from following Him. One can only consider oneself a follower, if one is following still. Even disciples can turn from following Him; only by grace, can we enter.

After this many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with him. (Joh 6:66 )

God bless.