Jun 23, 2013


Jon Lee
9TH - 23RD JUNE 2013

My workplace is behind the door, on the right.

This is the place we have service, prayer nights, worship nights and other events. Prayer nights are just amazing.

Anyways, Hong Kong was good, we didn't get to work or do any outreach there so it was basically getting used to the ship and sort of a holiday. 

Then in San Fernandos, we had port volunteers on board that we really bonded with. We went to their church, house and we hung out with them lots.

Outreach events were good. I went to a local church building. We cemented the floor and all, and helped them expand. I also went door to door. We visited some fishermen village as well, poor areas. It was really good.

My work uniform :)

I work in the galley, so breakfast, lunch and dinner, 400 meals each time.

Local church we went today.

Giant pizza. This is my ship family. Left is my ship mum and others are ship sisters.

This is the international cafe. Where visitors come and connect with people.

Book fair.

The lifeboat. Where visitors basically watch a video.

Jun 18, 2013


Evelyn Tan
18TH JUNE 2013

Hello dear TTDI GC folks!

I hope everyone is doing well. We are currently in Subic Bay, Phillippines, and we've been here since last Tuesday (11/6/2013). This port was not suppose to be part of the schedule but the ship's generators have encountered some problems. The crank shaft of generator two had been damaged and parts had to be changed. Then, a few days later, generator one started giving some problems as well. So the ship is currently in repair and we are expected to leave for the next port, Puerto Princessa by the 24th of this month but that is quite possible to change. Because this port was unexpected, there hasn't been many visitors on board the ship. On average about 100-400 people a day, which is significantly less compared to the crowd at San Fernando. In total, there were 90 000 visitors during the ships stay at San Fernando. It was so crowded everyday!

Last Thursday (13/6/2013), I went for bar ministry. It was my first time doing such a thing - I didn't even know it existed! In Subic Bay, YWAM Olongapoo has been actively going out to bars to minister and help the girls and lady boys there. What is Bar Ministry? It is when you go into a bar (over here its with scantily dressed women/lady-boys) and you try to connect with them and hopefully share God's love with them. After that, YWAM (Youth With A Mission) will do the follow up if we manage to get their contact. It's such an amazing ministry! I was a little afraid at first because i didn't know how i was going to get about with the conversations but before we went, we prepared our hearts with a session of prayer and worship. So there were about 12 of us and we were divided into 3 teams. 1 prayer team and two practical teams. It was raining so heavily that night!! And halfway through, there was a blackout along the whole street. That was such a blessing because it made it easier to talk to the girls without having to shout and challenge the booming background music.

We left the bars around 9.30pm and had debriefing. One of the team members shared that she prayed that God would show her how to love these girls and lady boys. That God would let her see them as He sees them. Then she said that at that moment it started pouring like mad and a thought came into her mind. It was like God telling her ' This is how i cry out for my children in this industry'. It was just really encouraging hearing everyone's stories of the night.

This experience has really opened up my eyes to the different kinds of ministry we can do. It doesn't just have to be in the church or in a 'safe and easy environment'. There were some struggles that YWAM has encountered over the years because the bars had become stricter with people just coming in to the bars and not buying any drinks. The girls at the bars are ever ready to share their story and lives with us but we have to buy ourselves a drink and sometimes buy them a drink as well, to buy their time. At the end of the night, we all agreed that the conversations we had were so easy and so smooth. I will be going again this Thursday night. Please pray for these girls and lady boys who sell off their bodies for money. Pray that whatever chains that are binding them there will be broken and that God's love will be able to touch their lives.

God bless,

Jun 8, 2013


Evelyn Tan
8TH JUNE 2013

Hello TTDI GC!
It's been a while since my last update and I'm terribly sorry for that. Life on the ship is so busy! I can't believe that it has almost been a month! CRAZY. I've been alive and the ship is still floating. We are currently in San Fernando. We will be here until Monday, 10/6/13, 3pm afterwhich we will be heading to Subic Bay for a few days to repair the engine. Over a week ago, one of the three engines of the ship broke down. Because of this, our stay in San Fernando was extended and it was uncertain as to how long we would be here. New parts had to be shipped in from Germany. Repair works will be done in Subic Bay. As of now, everything has been delayed but hopefully we will reach Kuching at the initial planned date and time. Please pray that all will go smoothly with repairs and travel.

On my work life - I'm enjoying it. Being in a department that cleans the whole ship daily is a very humbling experience because I have to put my pride down when I clean (especially in public areas) even though it'll get dirty/messy again not too long after. However, I have learned that we can work in whatever area/situation God puts me in. Being in the Angels (that's our official name), cleaning, is my ministry of love to others. Being able to bless someone with clean toilets and floors makes me happy and I actually enjoy doing what I do.

On my social life - I've made some pretty amazing friends. The STEPpers are a close bunch and just yesterday we celebrated my birthday. They surprised me and I had a really lovely day. I never thought i'd meet the people i've met and have them mean so much to me. It's been really good getting to know people from everywhere and know them at a deeper level, one that is not just superficial. Also, people here play Catan but its in German.

On my spiritual life - I believe God is still sorting things out with me but He has helped me change my attitude - the way I see people and treat others. I am still able to keep my focus here, to be completely focused on God. I must admit, before I came, my focus wasn't really on God. And I never quite realized it until now. The ship leaders do not force anything on you. Nobody is forced to attend the daily devotions, weekly prayer nights or worship nights and there are Bible study classes that you must attend. Yet just being here, I've learnt so much about God and how He works.

However, finding time on board to quiten down and do personal devotions or read is difficult because there are just so many activities going on on the ship. Please pray for me in that area. That I will be disciplined to set aside time for personal devotions with God. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy my work in the Angels. In particular, I enjoy vacuuming stairs because it has given me a lot of time to think and reflect on my spiritual life and life in general and to pray and just talk to God. Never thought I'd ever be this way though.

I will try to send another update in a weeks time. Thank you so much for the support I've been given back home. If it weren't for the church, Jon and I wouldn't be here. God bless.