Oct 28, 2011

God's Blessings

God has blessed us in so many ways. He has blessed us with a great family, a nice and comfortable home to live in, food to eat, water to drink, great friends. In many countries like Ethiopia, Africa and India, many people have to suffer everyday just to get food to fill their stomachs.

And yet, so many people are still not happy with what they have. Most of us constantly complain about how we had a bad hair day, how boring life is, or even complaining how terrible the food being served is.

I was inspired to write this article because 2 weeks ago or so my brother told me that he was going to Taylors College Sri Hartamas to pack food for families who are suffering from starvation. Every volunteer is given a specific task to do, which could involve funneling, measuring, sealing, or boxing. Each finished package contains 6 highly nutritious meals containing rice, soy protein, dried vegetables, flavouring and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. They managed to pack 1 million packs of food.

Even in Malaysia, many families are having trouble earning enough money to feed their starving kids at home or even find shelter for their kids. Some parents can't even afford to buy a school uniform for their kids.

Therefore, we should really appreciate what God has given us. I often forget the fact that God has blessed me so much and provided me with everything I ever needed. I often complain because of luxuries I don't have.

In Philippians 4:11-13, the apostle Paul says:
I'm not saying that because I need anything. I have learned to be content no matter what happens to me. I know what it's like not to have what I need. I also know what it's like to have more than I need. I have learned the secret of being content no matter what happens. I am content whether I am well fed or hungry. I am content whether I have more than enough or not enough. I can do everything by the power of Christ. He gives me strength.
We should always give thanks to the Lord for all He has done for us. He has blessed in so many ways. Psalm 118: 28-29 says:
You are my God , and I will give thanks to You, You are My God, and I will honour you. Give thanks to the Lord, because He is good, His faithful love continues forever.
-serena lee-

Oct 24, 2011

A God who calms the Storm

It was a cool evening and I decided to take a nap after returning from college. Halfway through my nap, I was awakened by panic stricken shouts calling out my name. The first thing that came to my mind was “ Oh no! The house is burning down! ”. I shouted from my room and asked what is happening. My mum replied and shouted “ Rae Anne is unconscious! ”. I immediately panicked and ran out of my room still wondering in my mind about how my niece who was perfectly fine before I went for my nap could be unconscious.

When I got downstairs and saw my sister-in-law anxiously running to the car with the baby in her arms, I froze up for a minute because the baby looked lifeless. Without any knowledge about what had transpired, I ran up to my sister-in-law who was now in tears to pray for healing for her baby. During times like this, there is really no one to look to but to seek the Lord.

We immediately rushed my niece to the hospital and while we were in the car I could see her moving her hands and struggling to open her eyes. When we arrived at the hospital we ran into the emergency room to seek help. As the nurses were checking the baby’s vitals, she started crying and at that point we were relieved to hear her cry. Even though we were at the hospital and had medical help, I knew that we were still not out of the woods. All of us were in tears when we were in the hospital because we still did not know how serious the baby’s injury was.

I only found out that my niece had a bad fall in the bathroom when my sister-in-law explained to the nurses and doctor about what had happened. The doctor immediately called for a CT scan so that we could see if the baby suffered any serious head injury. The CT scan revealed that the baby suffered a hematoma in her brain as a result of the fall. Hematoma can also be explained as a bruise so the doctor said that she had to be admitted to ICU for observation and hopefully her hematoma would heal on its own.

After getting the diagnosis, we knew that only God could heal Rae and give her a speedy recovery. As a family, we prayed for healing for Rae and trusted that the Lord would heal her. After staying in the hospital for three days, the second CT scan revealed that the hematoma in Rae’s brain had healed significantly and the doctor was very happy with her recovery. Rae was discharged from the hospital the Monday.

This experience has allowed our family to learn first hand that our lives are not in our hands but in God’s and that we must always depend on God no matter what. Having gone through something like that helps us to put life in perspective and appreciate the people in our lives. Beyond that, we were able to truly cherish the many blessings and support that our church family showed to us during this experience. We really appreciate the prayers, the visitations as well as the physical help extended to us. Knowing that we had our church family supporting us during this time was very comforting and revealed a glimpse of God’s love for us.
Psalm 107:28-30 (NIV)

Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and he brought them out of their distress. He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired haven. Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind.

- Xin-Yi

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Oct 20, 2011

Over the Mountains and the Seas

Hi guys!! Yes, I have been missing for a while thus the update! For you guys out there who do not know, I am currently studying in the UK. I shall skip the “how’s UK” part in the post as any of you who are interested to know can always drop me a message on Facebook.

So why the UK? As an A levels student, it is only normal you apply for the UK since you are doing a UK equivalent of form 6. Moreover, i was going to study economics, so UK was a suitable place. I just applied and left it there. No real decision was made yet, just the application form handed in. Many months down the road, I graduated from college and the time for university intakes were around the corner. It was either study locally for a year and then transfer or go overseas straightaway. Typical me, I barely spent anytime during my post-A levels period to seriously consider about my further education. So when the time came to decide, I was obviously not mentally prepared to go and was feeling a wee bit comfortable here. I checked out Nottingham's transfer programme and it looked good with the 1+2 thing. My plan seemed almost set.

So why go? A few days before the deadline for my decision, I decided it was time to seek God as this was an important and heavy decision. As I prayed, the thought kept coming to me, “Go”. My reaction was, “WHAT?! You can’t be serious. There are so many things I can do here for You”. I continued praying that day and the same answer came. I ended that day with telling myself that it cannot be true and I shall continue seeking tomorrow. The next day, I got the same answer but a little more expounded. The answer told me I must leave my comfort zone, my friends and family, and learn to depend on Him. After that day, I was terribly depressed. The depression lasted a few days. I had many thoughts about just forgetting what I heard and stick with my original plan. It would have been so much easier, in a sense of mental and physical preparation to stay, but I decided to go in the end.

Reaching and settling here was not the easiest of task. I was literally friendless for a few days. Never before have had I felt such a feeling, discounting my first day in primary school that is. Being a people centered guy, that sucked. From time to time, I would ask God why I was sent here. Fast forward to today, I DO have friends now, yaaaaaaay! Almost all of them are non-Christians so their perception of most things are very different from the bunch of friends I use to hang out with back home. I guess another reason I am here too is to be out of the salt shaker. Looking back in hindsight, I spent a wee bit too much time back home with my Christian friends. It is always more comfortable to hang out with like minded people. As our call for us to be salt for the earth, we have to be first sprinkled out of our little salt shaker.

To conclude, I am quite sure God has a bigger reason for me being here than the few things mentioned, I just do not know what it is yet. All I can do is to seek His will and have faith that it will be revealed in due time. Yes, I have found a church here. It is a free denomination church. So far so good from a theological point of view. It is a small church like back home with friendly people.

Big chunk of the church consists of students. Keep me in your prayers that will not give fall to the temptations of the world and that my focus is set on God to keep up in this race we have been called to.
“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well” Matthew 6 : 33

Cheers!! \/

- Alex Tan
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Oct 13, 2011

Emo much?

Another thought came to mind as well while sitting there listening to C.L Goh's talk during the youth and parent forum for some time back now, many points that he brought up did make a lot of sense to me when I look back at my life in hindsight.

Believe it or not, I was one really bitter and sulky kid when I was 13. Many people didn't like me and likewise, I didn't like many people as well. I'd glared at people who picked on me, including my teachers and was really angry and confused with my life then. It felt really pointless.. so meaninglessly bitter.

And so it dawned upon me what Dr.Goh said. That if it's anything that needs more focus during the teen years would be sharpening of social skills.

All the "popular" guys and girls always had the best time ever then. Everyone talked about them, praised them and find it such a huge privilege to just even hang out with them. They were the richer ones, the more outspoken ones and had ranks of all sorts in the clubs and societies. While I look at myself, I was the sulky and bitter kid that no one wants to even go near.

But that's where I realized that God really wanted me to observe and understand how the mini society in school works and empathize with those who are quietly suffering in the "dark". Remember about the "identity crisis"? I can really agree to that as I've witnessed numerous people who are going through that right now among my circle of people I know of! They can't seem to grasp the do's and don'ts of social graces and they get so confused wondering where they went wrong to have so few friends in their midst.

More importantly right now is that as fellow followers of Christ, are we making that effort to make our fellowship attractive to those who seeks for love and acceptance?

CF didn't reach out to me.. not at all. In fact, quite a group of them were the popular ones. No doubt, it's a struggle for them to think "is it worth hurting my reputation to reach out to the "losers"?" But that's where our faith becomes real. Youth or CF is not a social club.. not at all.
Mark 2:17b .. Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.
And that's where I do hope as well that as Youth of TTDIGC, we too can strive to welcome all who needs Christ in their lives. That we help others to work out in a phase of "surge of emotions" and not go through a difficult setback on their own! If there's any ways to make the "best" out of your school life - it's the way with Christ :)


He teaches me to love and be compassionate unto others. So that when I speak and listen, I do with a heart to sincerely care and listen, not to show off and make insensitive statements.

He comforts me first even before I realize it. So that I don't go around expecting others to make my day and that I'll make a scene if they don't.

He guides me to guide others to Him. So that when people seek me for help, I rely not on human strength and wisdom but His.. and that ultimately, that they too will turn to Him. Forbid me not on being proud and think that I am where I am today because of my own efforts.

And always reminds me that no matter what I've done, I cannot make Him love me less or more. So that for all of my days, I know He will be there in my ways!

Otherwise, I'll be living a life of self-indulgence, pity and empty ambitions right now! D:

- daryl 's u n d a e' heng