May 26, 2008

Lubuk Perah

Hey guys!!!! Ian here….well this oa trip was great..and thanks to ivan I get to write a post on it!! Woohooo!!!...we met at church at around 10 the turn up was great…but a few *ppl* go and potong steam us and pulled out.. but it made space for more ppl!..haha.. we went in 3 different vans in my dad s car was the usual four monkeys me Ronnie alex and keith..boy did we talk loads of nonsense the other cars well I don’t really know but they had a good time too. After 3 hours we reached temerloh for lunch. And guess wat?..CHICKEN RICE!! Only thing that alex knows how to eat XD. Then it was back into the vans and we had to stop at the church so that unc lay seng could swap into the 4 wheel drive. Then it was off into the jungle!. Yup bumpy ride. While me Ronnie and alex camwhored. Yes that sounded wrong but its true..we were also talking about why we shouldn’t say our real names in the jungle…superstition..and so we were named different names…skinny boy…biny boy,…keith ho..and mr brown…u guess…and oh we stopped donuts before that. XD

On the way inside…unc chee kong nearly took the wrong turn..walau..kesian if they went in there…oh well…then after half hour we finally reached the church!! Woo!. We got out unpacked our stuff and rested I guess..cant remember..then we went to the kampong house near the church and we saw puppies! Yup really cute ones we played with them and one of them tried to eat our toes..hungry puppies if u ask me. Then we went to the water pump and lepaked there got pictures but I haven’t received them yet from Ronnie so wait yea!. After that went back to the church and got ready to go to tasik bera!! Yup but before that me and alex had the joy of sitting in a van pretending to drive it..with fall out boy songs and the bass boosted. Haha cant wait to drive though.
Then its off! We reached the place and me Ronnie keith and alex decided to kayak instead of taking the boat ride.. while the others were in the boat the 4 of us were racing. Haha I was with keith and alex with Ronnie and yes alex had to do all the work. Sitting behind. We went quite far and talked bout *stuff* then decided to race back. We were taking the lead but we stopped and waited for them that s when they took the lead cheaters but we raced and we lost Ronnie says he did most of the work..but I say he did it with his mouth…haha..then he went off somewhere and jason replaced him…*GOSH*. He sat at the back and we went back out to sea again.. this keith made me do all the work.. oh I forgot to mention. Ronnie thought there were crocs in the water and we wanted to throw him down. Ahaha.

After that we raced and this time we won. Lol. Then the girls came back and took the kayaks while we were busy shuffling ahaha. Yea I can shuffle. Kampong style. Bring it on we have videos of me and Ronnie doin it. And we tried to scare uncle ho mun too!. But failed haha. After that we took a break and decided to go home. NOW HERE S THE FUN PART!

It was dark when we reached back. So we let the girls take their shower first then we decided to bath together with clothes on ok. So me and Ronnie went into the cubicle. While I was happily pouring water on myself Ronnie suddenly shouted IAN ! TARANTULA! I stood there stoning ad said what?..then he opened the door and said let s go! And we quickly splashed water and changed and ran out screaming XD. Then it was dinner time unc chee kong cooked something up but it was super nice! Knowing that I have a big appetite it was good. Then the oa villagers came and we had praise and worship I didn’t knoiw Ronnie could sing…like john…XD. With the emotion. Yea what a waste that he gave up music. Darn. After that we showed them funny video clips from my dads laptop and boy did they laugh! Come for our church camp and I ll show you!. After they left we decided to call it a day. But knowing us we stayed on and talked till it was aeound 1 or 12. but I couldn’t sleep so I woke keith up and he couldn’t sleep too. So we talked for a really long time till it was 4 something. Then we hit the sack. I heard Ronnie saw something and ran over in between wen li and Kathleen. *WOW* haha. I also heard a mini orchestra solo by Jason. And I contributed too!. Joshua had nightmare you should ask him bout it really funny. then we woke up the next day and got ready for morning worship followed by a good breakfast by unc chee kong the man. The villagers arrived and we sang songs and then split for Sunday school. There was this boy called fairul who knew pop shuvit songs! Amazing! Evelyn heard him singing it haha. then after everything was done the 4 monkeys took a motorbike for a spin. Haha boy was it fun. Alex couldn’t control the speed and brakes. But me and Ronnie were natural bike riders! Woo! Perfect control of the bike haha. then we called it quits and went off to the river! We arrived and went down. While I was posing Ronnie pushed me inside!!! Freezing cold! Then alex and the rest came in except for the girls Jason threw Justin inside and his specs came off. While we were trying to feel for it. Ronnie just said wait! And he pulled it we decided to swim upstream and boy was it deep. Even me and alex couldn’t touch the ground and Ronnie started screaming crocodile! Swee ling swam away with him. Haha!. then someone threw someone s slipper downstream where the current was strong. So I swam and got it. I rock! But started to float away. Haha luckily tubby pulled me (Jason). We wanted to jump off the bridge but according to unc lay seng it was too shallow. So we decided to go back and pack up. While we were all wet and standing on top of the pickup truck. Jason had to sit behind an open boot only holding on to its bars. What moment to savour.

Well we packed and left lubuk perah and we were on the road again. Oo I started the engine and revved it up.haha. on the way we stopped by and bought fishes for our parents back in town. And believe me they were still alive when in the plastic bags. Ahaha. It kept moving around in our van scaring the crap out of me and Ronnie. Then hust when we thought we had a good place to have lunch. All the restaurants told us they were closed. Confound it!. In the end we had KFC haha. not full but it was ok. Then after that we left and we all fell asleep. This trip has been great and we hope to come again and this time bring YOU guys along!. Anyways the pictures will arrive soon so be patient ya?. I ll catch up with you guys in church

Ciao and GOD bless.

May 17, 2008

Big Bang #2

Sorry people. It has been a long time since I last updated the blog. Been pretty busy lately.

Anyway (I hope Cher Maine doesn't mind) we had Captain Ball today and FYI, she has a phobia of the game. She sustained quite a few injuries the last time she played. Firstly, (if my memory serves me right) Aaron collided heavily with her, Aaron being much bigger plowed into her and poor Cher Maine just fell. Then I think I knocked into her as well. The final straw was when Kuang Ern crashed into her, (he's much bigger than Aaron btw). What a day!

Since then she has not played

Till today...

Someone passed the ball to her, she stretched out her arms to catch it. At the same time, Kuang Ern was a few feet from her, he saw the ball's motion. I think this is what happened inside his mind: "I must get it, I must get it!" Brain sends an impulse to feet to accelerate. Brain also sends an impulse to the hands. Leg muscles contract. Next, Big Bang #2 happened.

The conversation between Cher Maine, Kuang Ern and Alex went something like this..

Why your bone so hard?

Cher Maine, drink more milk.

Yea Cher Maine drink more milk.

Your bones so hard is it?
You drink a lot of milk is it?
You got produce milk a not?

That's all for now guys. Keep coming back for more =)

Disclaimer! Characters in this post were merely fictional and does not bear any link to people we know.


May 11, 2008

wres & essams bakoney

(This is JOHNSON KHOR's personal experience of the treasure hunt)

Sometimes, it’s hard to gather people to come for the YTM on Sunday, let alone, Captainball on Saturday. However, thanks to God’s idea for us to have our first and only first treasure Hunt. Indeed, we made a comeback. The numbers who turned out? Very very promising.

We started the day by assembling in the Church. Where Ivan started to brief us about the treasure hunt. Well to think about it, it’s glad to see many old faces showing up. Allysa Brought her konco- konco. And so did a few young ppl, Zhuo Ming, Matthew, Yen Ming, Kah Meng, I-Tzn turned up and so many more new faces, Ong in particular. Man, it’s really nice to have these people to join us for this event. The wheather? By God’s Grace, not even a drop of rain fell to the ground.

When we all went to the park, we assembled into our own groups. However, due to some complications, we only manage to settle down at 0500. much later than we were supposed to. Then, as I counted the people in my Group, there was only Kuang Ern, Zhuo Ming, Yen Ming and Matthew. When I looked around, the other teams have around 8 to 10 people.

Just when I thought we are doomed to be outnumbered, Ivan passed us our first Clue. This was doom for sure, the first clue was supposed to be a bunch of scrabbled words. It tooked the teams many mind tickling, discussions. However, the outcome? We got nothing. Ivan had to help us. Bringing us to the clue. The teams finally found it. However, thanks to some detour, my group found a clue we supposedly thought was the second clue, and we went looking for the clue. Much to our surprise at the end when Kuang Ern asked Ivan what was it? His stuned response was, “ How did you guys find it?”

Ivan showed us a face of disappointment. All I wanted to say was, “ God works in mysterious ways.” Ivan then showed us the area of the second clue. And after a thorough searching, we finally found the clue. Yet, seeing that the clue now requires us to run throughout the whole park once. It looks like the responsibility drops upon me, as my team members have exhaust their energy to find the previous clues. It wasn’t easy running throughout the whole park, especially when all the other teams are one step ahead. But this saying comes to my mind, “ The going gets tough, the tough gets going.” I kept on running and running. But Obviously, judging by the weight of my body, I guess Well at least I didn’t trip and fall even though we were way behind time.

When we got the second clue, we had to move up to the higher grounds of the park. Most of us stretched beyond the limits. Climbing the rocks of the waterfall, climbing through the hills. Still? No Clues there. We could only search hopelessly. Turns out this treasure hunt became Ivan’s hide and seek game after. He planted the Clues, and now he is finding them for us. Ivan came like Superman to our aid. As the third clue was embedded in one of the trees. No one could find it. Only Swee Ling found it. Seeing that our clues are not there, Ivan decided that he took out the clues to help us. Happily, we took the third clue. Ran in the opposite direction against the other teams. Reassemble, and discuss the possibilities. However, Zhou Ming got lost. Down to only 4 people now, we have to stick together as a team. As we are figuring out the clue, Zhou Ming ran towards us. Shouting, “ I got it, I got it!” The accidental clue we got before the second clue, was actually the clue we been looking for. As the competition got tougher. We were to look for now, the fifth clue. As we looked and looked, we got total blank of what was suppose to be the clue. And this time Zhou Ming took off without us knowing again. When we walk towards the playground, only then did he appeared again. Running with a happy face, he said, “ I went and got the Clues!!!”

I was stuned, here was I with a boy half my age. Found more clues than I do. I can only say, “ God really works in mysterious ways.” It was now the Final Showdown. The last clue. Either the team gets the clue, or live without it. I looked far and wide. As Ivan specifically said in the clue, “When you see me, please slow down.” I went to the opposite area of the park, looked throughout the every single signboards. Still no clue. Frustrated and Tired. I walked back into the park. When I saw Kuang Ern, all he said to me was, “ John, we found the Clue, we won.”

I never felt so relieved this year. Indeed, God can always work in mysterious ways, even through treasure hunt. Frankly speaking, I never won in any treasure hunt. This is my first victory in a sense. But what was great is that, we stuck together as a team. Although there was only five of us, but we pull it through, as a team. Treasure hunt was never meant to be an invidual activity, but a group work. Sometimes God can really use the small things in this world to shame the proud, me for instance. I thank God that this treasure hunt has in one way and the other, blessed our fellowship as a church. Besides knowing a few more people, we finally got to know the younger generation of Taman Tun. It was really God’s enriching experience.

May 4, 2008

Of Princes & Princesses

Yep today was D D game (read: D Dating game)..

Oh the speaker, Mr. Peter made us sing a song, "I wanna be your friend", but worse! We had to dance to it, with a member of the opposite gender (I have the video). Later we played the popular reality game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Since I escaped dancing and with everyone's backing, I decided to give this a go, why not? Ashley Goh called me a nerd up front and I was like . . . So to prove her a point, I lost the first round. The question was, "What are the odds of you being conceived?" She chose 1 in 200 million, and I chose 1 in 2 billion (after consulting the church doctor). At first I thought I would win cuz' the doctor was on our half of the hall, but apparently he switched camps...

Fired up to win, the next question was, "When are you special? At.." I took the question to be when were you first special, cuz when you were first special you will remain special, unless something happened and it took away your specialness. Haha. So confidently I said at conception, and Ashley said now. But I was wrong again as the answer was at conception, birth and now.. seriously swt

Yes I've digressed..

Coming back to business, I've learnt a new word today. It's called, "courtship". Dating is in fact a game. It involves 2 parties with no commitment, kind of like hi bye sort of thing. I don't think it's in my dictionary. I've heard it many times over the past few weeks that God chooses our life partner and He said to Adam, "It's not good for you to be without a helper", and so He made Eve. God in all His wisdom, knows D perfect life partner for you and me. Tell me, which bible character ever dated? Yep no one. I'm not anti-dating but I think it's not the right word to be used cuz it involves no commitment.

Unless the word that you are thinking of is "courtship". Which is a whole different story. Courtship usually has marriage in mind. Someone told me that we should think of the end before starting something, meaning, we should have our objectives clear from the start. If you're just in it for fun/peer pressure/proving a point, it's better to have 20 roller coaster rides, after all it doesn't hurt anybody. So what is your objective?

Mr. Peter also mentioned about treating the other person like a member of the royalty. Respect. We've heard it many times that girls should be treated like princesses but to treat a guy like a prince?!?! (someone help me on this). So people, in conclusion, do not waste your youth away like King Solomon said, but rather enjoy the days of your youth, for it's only once in a lifetime.

p.s. Ash Li happened to ask me if I will marry the girl I date..